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1 July 2024
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Organic fertilizers are beneficial microorganisms or mixtures of organisms that, when applied to seeds, soil, or plant roots. It provides many important elements to the crop. Among the series of plant growth promoting organisms is Agespirillum, which is recommended by the Punjab Agricultural University for the paddy crop.

Information on Aspirillum Bacteria Feed Tuck for Paddy

PAU For one acre of paddy field, 500 grams of organic fertilizer packet has been recommended at a cost of Rs.40. Agenspirillum organic fertilizer has a shelf life of 3 months.

Method of application of Agespirillum fungicide for paddy

  • Dissolve one packet of organic fertilizer in 11 liters of water.
  • For one acre, plant the roots of paddy in the field after keeping them in the solution for 45 minutes.

Benefits of using Agespirillum organic fertilizers for paddy

  • Provides plant nutrition at low cost.
  • Makes nitrogen in the air available to plants.
  • 3-4% increase in paddy crop yield.

Precautions while using organic fertilizers

  • Keep the compost envelope in a cool place away from sunlight and heat and open only when applying.
  • Use organic fertilizers before their expiry date.
  • Do not mix organic fertilizers with chemical fertilizers.

AgespirillumBacterial Fertilizer Availability and more information

This organic fertilizer is available at the Department of My Biology and Seed Sales Shop at Gate No. 1 at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Apart from this, Krishi Vigyan Kendras of Punjab Agricultural University, Kisan Adviser Service Centers and P.A.U. This organic fertilizer is also provided by the regional research centers on advance demand.

For more information stay connected with Mera Farmhouse application.