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6 January 2024
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Banni buffalo, also known as 'Kutchhi' or 'Kundi', is a buffalo species found in the Kutch district of Gujarat state, India. The word 'Bunni' is special not only for the valuable grass species of this region but also for these buffaloes. The key characteristics of these buffaloes are their long lactation period, high milk production capacity, and disease resistance. The local community that nurtures them is called 'Maldharis', which is found in Kutch. An average Banni buffalo gives 12 to 18 liters of milk daily.

More popular than other common buffaloes

The Banni buffalo breed originates from the Sindh region of Pakistan. What is now called Banni land was given by the rulers of Kutch district to the Maldhari community 500 years ago for livestock rearing. This buffalo has become the main source of livelihood for the people of Kutch and its popularity is also increasing in other areas like Mumbai. Banni buffalo is specially adapted to the conditions of less water, and high temperatures, which are not possible for other common buffaloes like 'Murrah' and 'Zaffarabadi'.

Banni Buffalo Identification and Characteristics

The body of a banni buffalo is smaller. Their height is 154 cm (61 inch) and the length of the mouth is 54 cm (21 inch), while the length of the tail is 89 cm (35 inch). Generally, the weight of a male and female Banni buffalo is around 525-562 kg and 475-575 kg. Banni buffalo is black in color, which also contains 5% brown. They have white spots on their forehead, tail, and feet. Their eyes are black and their tails have both white and black coloring.

Milk production from banni buffalo

This breed has special characteristics, such as the genetic potential for high milk production. Their normal annual milk production capacity is 6000 liters and daily milk production capacity is 18-19 liters. Apart from this, this buffalo is also known for its night-grazing quality. The cows of this breed can cover a grazing distance of 8-10 kilometers in monsoon and 15 kilometers in summer. This quality allows them to survive harsh daytime temperatures and helps them tolerate temperature differences. The lactation period of this breed is 290-295 days, in which 2500-2700 liters of milk is produced. Apart from this, this buffalo is also known for regular breeding

Banni buffalo price

Banni buffalo is very famous among cattle farmers due to its milk production capacity, but due to its high price, many cattle farmers cannot buy it. The price of a Banni buffalo ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.

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