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5 January 2024
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Farmers can cultivate cotton to get good profits. It is important to level the land well and apply suitable organic fertilizers.

Sowing and Process:

  • Keep in mind the quality of seeds and fertility of land for sowing.
  • It is important to manage irrigation well and support manure and fertilizer properly.


  • Adequate quantity to apply nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash during sowing.
  • Protect the crop from weeds by spraying weedicide properly.

Disease and pest management:

  • Perform regular checks to inspect the crop and control diseases and pests.
  • Use insecticides and pesticides as necessary.

Harvesting and Drying:

  • Harvest the crop at the right time.
  • After harvesting, let the cotton dry in the sun.

  • Market and benefits of cotton:

    • Good profit can be obtained by selling cotton in the market.
    • Cotton cloth, thread, rope, etc. are made from cotton.

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