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16 December 2023
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To achieve success in farming, hard work, new technical knowledge is required, it is also important to take care of the crop properly. Apart from this, efforts and patience are also required to achieve success in farming. Rajasthan's farmer Shaitan Singh Rathod has earned profits worth lakhs of rupees annually by cultivating crops like groundnut, gram, and psyllium through his hard work and his new technical methods.

Annual income is up to Rs 20 lakh

Shaitan Singh Rathod told that his association with farming is since 1993 and he lives in Delasar village of Jaisalmer district. He has 400 bighas of land and divides it according to crops. His peanut farming produces up to 3 quintals annually and he also cultivates millet, mustard, moong, guar, and cumin. His annual income is up to Rs 20 lakh, which is mainly earned from organic farming.

Shaitan Singh Rathore explained to the farmers that they should take care of their fields themselves and promote organic farming. He advised not to rely on laborers and explained the importance of organic farming, which maintains fertility and gives good annual income.