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5 January 2024
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Keep these things in mind to keep the chickens healthy and protect them from diseases in winter.

Housing Management:

  • Temperature of 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary for the production of chickens.
  • In winter, good quality bedding of 3-5 inches is suitable.
  • The container kept in deep liter system should be dry, and curtain the windows at night.
  • You can light a fireplace or stove to prevent cold air.
  • Build the hen house from east to west so that sunlight can enter for more time.

Food Management:

  • Consumption of chicken feed increases in winter season, so ensure availability.
  • Give 110-140 grams of grain to chickens every day, which contains protein, energy, and calcium.
  • Monitor laying hens from hatching to egg production.
  • Provide fresh and warm water to chickens so that they can avoid dehydration.

Major breeds of chickens:

  • The production of eggs and meat depends on the breeds of chickens.
  • Major egg laying breeds include White Leghorn, Cari Priya, Cari Sonali, Cari Devendra.
  • Asil Cornis, White Rak are the major breeds for meat.
  • Kadaknath, Pratapdhan, Rhode Island Red, Australorp are the main breeds for both egg and meat production.

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