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Importance of poultry farming

28 September 2023
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The importance of poultry farming is increasing, and the Central Bird Research Institute, Bareilly is making an important contribution in it. Along with the development of various species, this institute has also developed Guineafowls. Rearing of these birds can bring more profits at less expense. Due to their compatibility with Indian agro-climate, they are considered most suitable for backyard poultry farming.

Characteristics of Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl are less prone to diseases and do not require vaccination. Their expenses are also low and they can become a source of good income. Allowing them to use outside food sources during the day reduces the cost of rearing them.

Use of guinea fowl

Guinea fowl are raised for both eggs and meat. Their eggs and meat are high in vitamins and low in cholesterol. Therefore they can be important as a source of nutritious food.

Benefits of pheasant farming

Guinea fowl rearing can be economically beneficial. They do not require vaccination, and their diseases are less. The demand for their meat is increasing, due to which their rearing can be economically beneficial. In this way, this business can be started for Guinea Fowl rearing by contacting the Central Bird Research Center, Bareilly and getting detailed information.