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7 June 2024
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Buffaloes suffer from heat more than cows because their skin has fewer sweat glands and their dark skin absorbs sunlight, raising their body temperature.

Tips for managing buffaloes during summer:

  • Buffaloes should be allowed to stay in water, this keeps their body cool.
  • Water fountains should be installed on buffaloes or they should be washed with water three to four times a day. They should be kept in the shade during the afternoon.
  • The shed should be surrounded by trees to keep it cool and the roof should be covered with grass in summer. Sprinkle water by hanging hessian or burlap curtains on the sides of the cowshed.
  • Animals should be given cold water mixed with salt and jaggery to drink.

Home remedies for treating heat stroke in dairy animals:

  • Add ice to the water and wash the sick animal repeatedly with that cold water or soak it in cold water and place a sack or cloth over its body.
  • Fan should be arranged and the diseased animal should be kept in a cool and open place.
  • The skin of the diseased animal should be rubbed, which reduces fever and cools the blood.
  • Sick animals should be given plenty of water.
  • Head, neck and spine should be protected from sun rays.
  • Mix 50 ml onion juice, 10 gm cumin powder and 50 gm powdered sugar to give them to drink.
  • Boil green mangoes in water by adding some salt and sugar, the buffalo will benefit from drinking this.

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