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5 January 2024
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Today we will tell you about a unique vegetable, which is available in the market at the price of Rs 1 lakh per kg. This vegetable is famous for its specialty, and let's see which one it is and what are its characteristics.

Hop Shoots: The Most Expensive Vegetable

Hop shoots are a unique vegetable which is sold in the market for Rs 1 lakh per kg. It takes hard work to cultivate it and its taste becomes sweet when ready.

Properties of Hop Shoots: Health Benefits

Hop shoots contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, which can help treat diseases. This also gives the body the power to fight cancer.

Cultivation of hop shoots at home: the fertile way

People can also grow hop shoots at home, but it requires sunlight and good soil. It takes about 2 months to install it and care should be taken in its care.