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5 January 2024
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Duck farming can prove to be the best business to increase the income of farmers. Because in this neither the farmers need to work hard nor they have to spend much time in it.

How to start duck farming?

  • Choosing a quiet place, preferably near a pond.
  • Digging a pond, if there is no pond.
  • Fishing with ducks in the pond, even maintaining the distance of the shed.

How to take care of duck?

  • Ducks have a low incidence of disease, but may be at risk for duck flu.
  • Getting the duck flu vaccine done, taking care of the cleanliness of the shed and their living quarters.

Which food you should give a duck?

  • Do not feed dry food, feed the duck with wet rice, corn and bran.
  • Feeding snails and fish, so that they develop properly.

Cost and earning in duck farming

  • A duck lays 200 to 400 eggs in a year, which is quite high.
  • Talking about profit, the annual cost is around one lakh rupees and the profit can be three to four lakh rupees.

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