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12 June 2024
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Sowing of maize should be done from the last week of May to the end of June. This way the field is cleared in time for sowing of next crop like potato, zucchini, wheat etc. Sowing of crop on time gives good yield and also prevents excessive loss of water during rains.

Method of Sowing and Seed Quantity

By adopting recommended cultivation methods, the total number of plants as well as plant growth is high. Low number of plants in farmers' fields is the main reason for low yield. Keep the distance between rows 60 cm and distance between plants 20 cm. Use seed rate 7 kg per acre for pearl popcorn and 10 kg per acre for other varieties.

Space Sowing:

Maize can be sown in the space created by tractor-mounted riser machine from the last week of May to mid-June, which is likely to cause drought in less water and dry and hot weather. Maize planted in the field gives less crop failure and higher yield than horizontal cropping.

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