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6 May 2024
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The cultivation of Pusa Golden Cherry Tomato-2 is beneficial for the farmers, which has been developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. This tomato is especially for use in salads and its color is varied. Cherry Tomato-2 is rich in nutrients and its fruits contain more juice.

Important points related to cultivation of Pusa Golden Cherry Tomato-2

  • For good production, use warm climate and moist sandy loam soil.
  • pH value of soil 6-7 is considered suitable.
  • Before planting, use 20-25 metric tons of cow dung per hectare, and apply manure at the time of planting.
  • It is planted on a raised surface of 0.75 meter width at a distance of 10 cm from both the edges. It should be done on the inside.
  • Harvesting of fruits of this variety of tomato starts in 75-80 days from transplantation.

Fruit weight of Pusa Golden Cherry Tomato-2

One fruit of Pusa Golden Cherry Tomato-2 weighs about 7-8 grams. Same, Pusa Golden Cherry Tomato - 2 plants yield about 9-10 fruit bunches and each bunch contains 25- 30 cherry tomatoes with productivity up to 90-100 quintals in 1000 square meter poly house area .

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