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6 January 2024
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Farmers should use laser land leveler machine in the field to get good yield. With this, the soil of the field becomes level and there is no shortage of moisture and nutrients.

Advantages of laser land leveler machine:

  • Crop yield increases by 10-15%.
  • 30-35% water is saved during irrigation.
  • Soil remains safe for 2-3 years after use in the field.
  • Farmers can get good yields at low cost.

How to use laser land leveler machine:

  • Do deep ploughing of the field and there should be 5% moisture in the soil.
  • Run the laser land leveler machine with a tractor, so that the soil of the field becomes level.

Laser Land Leveler Machine Price:

The price of this agricultural machine in the Indian market starts from around Rs 1.35 lakh.

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