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5 January 2024
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Prepare soil like this

To grow lotus at home, you will first have to take a deep tub. At the same time, to plant lotus at home, you will have to bring seeds of its small variety. For lotus plant, first of all mix some sand in the soil. After this, mix cowdung manure and vermicompost in it. Along with this, if you can get smooth pond soil from somewhere, then you can also mix it in the soil. Do not use any chemical fertilizer in this soil, as the plant can dry.

This is how lotus can grow

After putting the seeds in a glass, they have to be sieved with water to select the floating seeds. The selected seeds have to be kept in a glass for three-four days, from which sprouts will emerge. To plant the sprout in the soil, the prepared soil will have to be put in a deep tub. To protect the plants from the seedlings, a little sand has to be put in the upper part. Water the plants slowly and keep the bucket slightly empty at the top. Protect the plants from adequate sunlight and bright sunlight, and change the water periodically.

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