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Complete Guide to the Cultivation of Peach Farming in India

28 September 2023
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This month, the effect of cold is increasing along with fog, due to which the problems of the common people have increased. Cold has increased the danger to Rabi crops like wheat and gram, farmers need suggestions from agricultural scientists for rescue.

Black frost and its effects:

Black frost:
Scientists have called it a special condition of cold, in which the air temperature near the ground falls below 0 degree Celsius, causing major damage to crops.
White frost:
This condition is most harmful when the temperature in the atmosphere is less than 0 degree Celsius and there is more moisture.

Protection of crops from frost:

Methods of protection:
Scientists have said that there are easy methods like irrigation and covering the plants to protect the crops from frost.
Importance of Irrigation:
Crops can be saved by light irrigation to keep the atmospheric temperature up.
Protection of nursery:
There is also a way to protect the nursery plants from cold by covering them with plastic at night, but this can be a somewhat expensive technique.

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