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5 January 2024
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The trend of cultivation of many types of fruits is increasing rapidly in India, due to which farmers are earning profits. Krishna fruit, also known as passion fruit, is being cultivated in large plantations in India. Passion fruit cultivation requires less water, due to which it grows even in areas with low rainfall.

Excellent farming areas

The major cultivation areas of Krishna fruit are in Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and the North-Eastern states. The beginning of monsoon is considered the most suitable time for its sowing.

Passion fruit cultivation

It has more than 500 varieties. After its sowing in July, flowers start appearing in its tree around the month of October, which start giving fruits by November-December. Krishna Fruit: About 240 plants grow in one bigha. The price of 1 passion fruit plant in the market ranges from about Rs 80 to Rs 150. The production of this fruit in 1 bigha is around 25 quintals. Generally passion fruit is sold for Rs 150 to 180 per kg.

Properties of passion fruit

Passion fruit is rich in nutrients like potassium, copper, fiber and many more and vitamins, making it beneficial for health.

Farming is profitable and affordable

Cultivation of Krishna fruit is cheap and the farmer can earn huge profits from it, due to which it is considered an economically beneficial farming. According to this, if passion fruit is cultivated in one acre, then farmers can earn profits worth lakhs.

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