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17 May 2024
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Rice transplanter is a machine which works for transplanting paddy. It itself has an engine installed in it, due to which there is no need of a separate tractor for it. This machine transplants paddy quickly in large fields and also saves the cost of the farmer. There are many types of rice transplanter machines available in the market. With this machine both time and labor are saved in planting.

Use of rice transplanter

The rice transplanter is extremely easy to use. The farmer just has to load the paddy seedlings into it and the machine plants the seedlings at a balanced speed and distance. Rice transplanter makes paddy cultivation not only easier but also faster. Due to this, most of the labor required for planting becomes automatic.

Benefits of rice transplanter

Paddy cultivation is considered one of the most difficult crops. Farmers' fingers get injured during paddy transplantation and they also complain of back pain. This work becomes even heavier in larger farms. Therefore, rice transplanter is the right solution to this problem of farmers. Rice transplanter can plant paddy seedlings in delicate soil without damaging them. With this machine, planting is done at a fixed distance, due to which both crop yield and productivity increases.

Types of Rice Transplanter

Riding Type – It is like a mini tractor, but with its lighter weight it runs in the paddy field without damaging the soil. With this type of rice transplanter, farmers sit on it and transplant it in the field and it transplants it in 6 to 8 lines simultaneously. Walking Type – This type of transplanter has to be operated by yourself. It has to be pushed from the back and the setting for planting has to be adjusted manually. Its maintenance is economical, but it can plant only 4 lines simultaneously.

Rice transplanter companies and price

Yanmar, Mahindra, and Kubota are the major rice transplanter companies. Mahindra LV63A, Kubota SPV-8, and Yanmar AP4 are the most popular models. Their prices range from Rs 1,90,000 to Rs 19,84,500.