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18 May 2024
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If you want to get bumper production by cultivating maize in less time and less cost in this Kharif season, then you can cultivate Star 33 variety of Star Agriseeds. The improved maize variety Star 33 developed by Star Agriseeds helps farmers get more yield in less time and due to its high disease resistance, the cost of cultivation also reduces. Let us know in detail about the Star 33 variety.

Main features of improved maize variety Star 33:

Production Capacity: Star 33 has been developed to give high production, giving farmers a yield of 25 to 30 quintals per acre. Maturation period: This variety is maturing in just 90-95 days, giving farmers the opportunity to cultivate multiple times in a year. Disease and pest resistance:This variety has high disease and pest resistance, due to which the cost of the crop is low and the yield is high. Shelling Percentage:Shelling percentage of Star 33 is more than 85%, which makes the grains easily separated from the cob and fetches good price in the market. Higher price in the market:Due to higher shelling percentage and quality yield this variety gets better price in the market, thereby giving more profit to the farmers.

Strong Stems: The stem of Star 33 is very strong, due to which the plants do not fall even in strong winds and heavy rains and the crop remains safe, due to which the yield is good. Cultivating the Star 33 variety of maize ensures bumper yield at low cost and short time, and farmers experience risk-free farming. In such a situation, farmers can give a new dimension to maize cultivation with Star 33 and improve their income.

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