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13 June 2024
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Modern farming methods have made mango cultivation easier, due to which soil and climate are no longer important. Sagar's young farmer Akash Chaurasia has adopted this technique and grown mangoes from different states in his orchard.

Success of multi-layer farming

Akash Chaurasia has successfully grown 32 varieties of mangoes through multi-layer farming in Sagar of Bundelkhand. Mangoes are supplied from his orchard to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi.

Special methods of mango cultivation

Akash Chaurasia told that the first month of monsoon is the best time to plant mango orchards. Mango can be grown through grafting and guthi methods, which gives fruits in less time.

Method of planting

To plant mango saplings, put lime and neem powder in a 2 feet deep and wide pit. Prepare a mixture of soil, compost and sand and fill the pit and plant the mango sapling. Spray lime powder from time to time to protect the plants from water and disease.

Varieties from different states

In Akash's garden, 300 mango trees of varieties like Keshar, Raspuri, Malgova, Himsagar, Ratna, Vanraj, Kishanbhog, Malda, Lagada, Chaunsa, Dussehri, Bombaygreen, Totapuri, Badam, Neelam, Amrapali, Mallika, Desi Chusia, Baginpalli, Safeda, Alphonso, Fazli, Sindoori, Imam, Mankurad, Pahari, Kilichundan, Romani, Beganpalli, Kasturi, Hapus, Kalmi etc. are planted in 3 acres.

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