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10 June 2024
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The sugarcane of Mandkola is famous for its sweetness across India. Compared to other regions, Mandkola farmers use tubewell water and organic farming instead of canal water and chemical farming, which increases the sweetness and production of sugarcane.

Diversification and Income

Along with sugarcane, Mediram grows various vegetables and crops such as okra, gourd, ridge gourd, green gram, corn, jowar, and millet. “This diversity reduces risk and ensures a steady income,” says Mediram. Farmers in Mandkola have abandoned chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and adopted natural alternatives that keep the soil healthy and the crops strong.

History and More

The sugarcane in Mediram’s fields stands out in the market for its taste and quality as it is irrigated with pure tubewell water. Mediram earlier used traditional irrigation methods, which involved using a Persian wheel to draw water from the well, which was laborious and took about eight days. To solve this problem, he decided to install a tubewell.

Adopting change

He encourages other farmers to shift from traditional crops like chickpea, which are less profitable and more prone to diseases, to more remunerative and robust alternatives.

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