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6 July 2024
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In Madhya Pradesh (MP), agricultural success often hinges on overcoming various challenges, from unpredictable weather to pest infestations. Amidst these hurdles, one farmer- Netram Nagwanshi, Kheri kala , Pipariya, Madhya pardesh use of Mera Farmhouse moong seeds has emerged as a standout example of effective farming practices and high-quality seed selection.

Success with Mera Farmhouse Seeds

Sowing 10 kg of Mera Farmhouse moong seeds on April 17, 2024, across 1.5 acres, a diligent farmer in MP achieved an outstanding yield of 6.5-7 quintals. This success is attributed to meticulous farming practices, including:

Optimal Farming Practices

  • Timely Irrigation: The farmer ensured the crops received water on May 3 and 15, crucial stages for growth.
  • Effective Fertilization:Using DAP-45 fertilizer provided essential nutrients, contributing to robust crop health.
  • Proactive Pest Management: Combining chlorpyrifos-50, cypermethrin-5, and emamectin benzoate prevented pest attacks, ensuring crop protection.
  • Favorable Weather Conditions:Despite varying temperatures (24°C to 40°C) and minimal rainfall, the crops thrived due to suitable field conditions and strategic timing.

Challenges Faced by Other Farmers

  • In contrast, 20 other farmers in the same region encountered significant challenges during the planting season. They battled severe pest attacks on their moong crops, resulting in diminished yields. Key issues included:
  • Pest Infestations:Inadequate pest management strategies left crops vulnerable to pests, leading to substantial losses.
  • Weather Variability:Unpredictable weather patterns further exacerbated the situation, complicating crop management efforts.

Lessons for Agricultural Success

  • The success story with Mera Farmhouse seeds highlights crucial lessons for farmers aiming to enhance their crop yields:
  • Invest in Quality Seeds: High-quality seeds from Mera Farmhouse can significantly impact crop performance.
  • Implement Effective Pest Management:Timely and comprehensive pest control measures are essential to protect crops from damage.
  • Conduct Regular Soil Testing:Understanding soil nutrient levels and adjusting fertilizer application accordingly supports healthy crop growth.
  • Adapt to Weather Conditions:Monitoring weather forecasts and adapting farming practices can mitigate risks associated with variable climate patterns.

All these above features and information is available at a single platform of Mera Farmhouse.

For more information stay connected with Mera Farmhouse application.

For more information stay connected with Mera Farmhouse application.