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11 June 2024
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There is a tremendous demand for Yakuti mango in the markets of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. This colorful mango is being sold at Rs 200 to 300 per kg, due to which the farmers doing gardening are getting good profits. Along with Yakuti mango, Gulab Khas and Husnara mango species are also the center of attraction in the markets.

What is special about Yakuti mango?

There are mango orchards on about two thousand bighas of land in the big villages of Barabanki. Mangoes of every variety are found in them, but Yakuti mango is the most special. It is colorful and very sweet in taste, as well as its juice is also thinner than fruity juice. Due to its high demand, farmers get good profits.

Identity of Yakuti mango

Barabanki farmer Mahmood Kidwai said that Yakuti mango is the identity of his area. Many types of mangoes are grown here, but these days Yakuti, Husnara, Surkha, Bombay and Gulab Khas mangoes are dominating the markets.

Farmers are getting good profits

With good harvest, farmers doing gardening can earn up to 15 to 20 lakh rupees in a season. Yakuti mango tree starts bearing fruits after five years and gives good fruits continuously for many years. The cost of one tree is about 10 thousand rupees, which gives a profit of lakhs of rupees for years.

Information from District Horticulture Officer

District Horticulture Officer Mahesh Kumar Srivastava said that mango orchards are planted in about 12.5 thousand hectares of land in the district. Big farmers include Kidwai family, Begum Habibullah's garden in Saidanpur, Mishra ji's big garden in Deva-Banki, Raja Saheb's big garden in Ramnagar. These farmers can earn profit for 50 years with 5 years of hard work in mango orchards.

Yakuti mango price and crop

This year the mango crop has decreased a bit, but the profit is expected to be more.This colorful mango is being sold at Rs 200 to 300 per kg. Apart from Yakuti, Dussehri, Langra, Chaunsa, Amrapali Safeda are also produced well in Barabanki. The Amrapali mango is available in the market till July and August.