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5 July 2024
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Potato is one such vegetable that is used in every household because it is required in most every vegetable. If they are not used quickly in the summer season, then they start to rot. So today we will tell you some such recipes, by adopting which you can prevent potatoes from rotting in summer.

So let's know about those tips…

  • Potatoes and onions should be kept separately to prevent sprouting and changes in taste.
  • Store potatoes in a slightly dark place, avoiding direct sunlight to retain moisture.
  • Dry wet potatoes before storing to prevent rotting; Leave them for 30 minutes under a fan or light sun.
  • Avoid storing potatoes in hot places; Store them in a cool, low-light environment to keep them fresh longer.
  • Do not store potatoes with fruits like pears and bananas, as these release chemicals that cause the potatoes to ripen quickly.
  • Avoid refrigerating potatoes, as this can convert their starch into sugar, making them unhealthy.
  • Do not store cut potatoes; They turn black. Instead, soak them in water if preparing later in the day.

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