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11 March 2024
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Earthworm manure is an excellent organic fertilizer and decomposes plant and food waste. The availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other micro elements found in the soil increases. Nitrogen in soil increases 7 times, phosphorus 11 times and potash 14 times

Features of vermicompost

  • There is no smell, and flies and mosquitoes also do not grow.
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are available along with micro nutrients.
  • It takes 1.5 months to prepare compost.

Types of earthworms

  • Epigeic earthworms, endogeic earthworms, diazoic earthworms.
  • Epigeic earthworms live on the surface, endozoic ones tunnel deep into the soil, and diozic ones live at 1-3 meter depth.

Benefits of Vermi Compost

  • Actinomycetes are 8 times more and the crop's resistance to diseases increases.
  • Earthworms increase the water absorption capacity of soil.
  • Due to increase in humus in the field, the ability to bear the impact of rain drops is more than that of ordinary soil.
  • Earthworm manure reduces weeds in the field and also reduces termites.