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8 May 2024
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In view of the summer, the veterinary department has said that the animals should be protected from heat wave. For this, suggestions have been issued by the department. The veterinary department has advised to ensure adequate supply of water for the animals. Provide adequate shady space to the animals. It should be ensured that the place for keeping and tying animals is clean, ventilated and equipped with skylights.

Symptoms of heat stroke in animals

The body temperature of animals reaches 41 to 42 degrees Celsius. Animals become slow and stop eating and drinking. The animal takes out its tongue and breathes with difficulty and the animal may even become unconscious. If the above symptoms are seen in your animals, a veterinarian can be contacted at the nearest veterinary hospital.

Tips to prevent heat stroke

The living space of animals should be ventilated and covered with green net in the afternoon. Adequate amount of drinking water should be given to the animals and water should be sprinkled on the animals. Animals used for commercial and agricultural purposes should not be used in the hot afternoon sun.

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