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28 June 2024
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Action Construction Equipment Limited (ACE) launched its latest 60 horsepower tractor, ACE DI 6565 AV, in Aligarh. This tractor has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural and industrial sectors. The tractor is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology under Bharat Term 4 standards. Designed with advanced technology, this tractor is environmentally friendly and high-performance. It features operation with low vibration and noise. Provides better diesel mileage, which reduces fuel costs. In the 60 horsepower category, this tractor offers high torque, which makes it more powerful. The maintenance of ACE 6565 AV is economical, which leads to economic benefits. The company's Chief General Manager Ravindra Khaneja and other important officials were present at the launch event. Detailed information was given about the service features and latest technology of the tractor. ACE 6565 AV tractor will prove to be extremely useful in agriculture, construction and other industrial works.