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13 June 2024
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Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer of Government Veterinary Hospital Nagar Ballia, Dr. S.D. Dwivedi discussed the problems of cattle keepers in extreme heat. Due to heat, animals become sick or reduce milk production, which causes loss to cattle keepers. The doctor suggested that feeding jaggery juice to animals gives them energy and increases the quantity of milk. Giving deworming medicine every 6 months and calcium of a good company with 100 ml multivitamin in the morning and evening also increases milk. Giving a balanced diet like a mixture of grains, pulses and oil increases the milk of animals. If a cow is giving 3 liters of milk and a buffalo is giving 4 liters of milk, then 1 kg of animal feed and 1 kg of life support ration should be given. For animals giving birth, it is necessary to give 1 kg of ration separately for their calf.

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