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1 July 2024
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India has 80 percent marginal and small farmers, many of whom are still forced to farm with oxen. Operating costs, maintenance and poor returns are a big challenge for small farmers. Tractors are out of the budget of small farmers. CSIR-CMERI has developed an affordable and simple tractor of low horsepower for small farmers. MSME plans to set up a manufacturing plant to mass produce this tractor. This tractor can help in increasing agricultural productivity. CSIR-CMERI is considering licensing the technology of this tractor to local companies. This compact tractor has been developed with a diesel engine of 9 HP power. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse speed gearbox, PTO with 6 splines at 540 rpm. The total weight of the tractor is 450 kg and it has 4.5-10 front tyres and 6-16 rear tyres. Small farmers can complete their work faster and at a lower cost with this mini tractor.

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