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25 June 2024
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To control inflation, the government has imposed stock limit on wheat for retailers, wholesalers, processors and large chain retailers. This step has been taken to stabilize prices and prevent hoarding. Union Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said that every Friday all vendors will disclose their wheat stock. We want to overcome the shortage of wheat in the country and there is no ban on wheat export right now. A stock limit of 3000 tonnes has been set on wheat for wholesalers. The stock limit for processors will be 70% of their processing capacity. The stock limit for large chain retailers will be 10 tonnes per point of sale and a total of 3000 tonnes. The stock limit for single retailers will be 10 tonnes. Stock limit has been imposed to reduce hoarding. The opening stock of wheat on April 1, 2023 was 82 lakh tonnes, while on April 1, 2024 it was 75 lakh tonnes. Last year 266 lakh tonnes were procured, while this year the government has procured 262 lakh tonnes.

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