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24 June 2024
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The Agriculture Department of Himachal Pradesh has set a target of kharif crop production of about 9.70 lakh tonnes in this season. The target is to sow maize, paddy, ragi, pulses and other food grains on 368 lakh hectares of cultivable land. The target of maize sowing is the highest at 272 lakh hectares. Paddy sowing will be done in 73 thousand hectares, pulses sowing in 18 thousand hectares, and ragi sowing in 12,700 hectares. The target for vegetable cultivation is 87 thousand hectares and ginger cultivation is 3 thousand hectares. Due to lack of timely rain till June 19, sowing in the state has been slow. Most of the farming in Himachal is dependent on rain. Every year, the target for the production of food grains and vegetables is set by the Agriculture Department in the Kharif season. This time the department has set a target of producing 9.70 lakh tonnes of food grains.

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