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7 June 2024
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Due to pest infestation, the moong crop turns yellow and production is affected. According to Bihar Plant Protection Director Sujit Nath Mallick, the moong crop is more prone to the infestation of Bhua Pilu and white fly. For the management of Bhua Pilu, it is advisable to spray insecticide. By mixing surf in home remedies and spraying it on the moong crop, the pest can be eliminated. Mixing one ml of Imidacloprid 17.8% in two liters of water and spraying it will also eliminate the pest. White fly is a big problem in moong cultivation, due to which the crop turns yellow. For protection from white fly, Oxydimethan methyl 0.1% or Dimethoate 0.3% should be sprayed 3-4 times. Imidacloprid 0.5 ml. Spraying should be done 10-15 days after sowing at the rate of 1 liter water (500 liters / hectare). With these measures, diseases will not spread in the moong crop and production will be good.

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