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20 June 2024
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The demand for mangoes increases in the market during summers, due to which some traders sell chemically ripened mangoes so that they can earn more profit, but its consumption has a negative effect on health. Consuming chemically ripened mangoes increases the risk of diseases like cervical cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer. To identify chemically ripened mangoes, it is important to pay attention to the color of the mango; the color of naturally ripened mangoes is more yellow or orange, while the color of chemically ripened mangoes is bright. Chemically ripened mangoes can also be identified through smell; natural mangoes smell sweet, while chemically ripened mangoes have a different aroma. Chemically ripened mangoes are soft and very soft, while naturally ripened mangoes are hard. Natural mangoes are juicy, whereas mangoes ripened with chemicals are not juicy and have a strange taste.

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