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14 May 2024
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PR 126 is a short-duration variety of paddy developed by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Paneer is ready after 93 days of ripening. Average yield is 30 quintals per acre. Preparation in less time reduces the attack of insects and diseases. The area of PR 126 is likely to increase due to the ban on sale of Pusa 44 seeds by the Punjab Government. Eight kilograms of seeds are sufficient for sowing one acre. Optimum planting time is from 25 May to 20 June. Paneeri is ready in 25-30 days. At the time of sowing, apply 26 kg urea, 60 kg single super phosphate and 40 kg zinc sulphate hepta hydrate per acre. Spray ferrous sulphate if leaves turn yellow. Spray zinc sulphate in case of zinc deficiency in Paneeri. Good yield can be obtained by planting 30-33 plants per square meter. Plant the plants at a depth of 2-3 cm. In medium fertility land, apply 90 kg urea per acre in three equal interval.

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