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20 April 2024
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As rabi crops has ripen and crops are coming to the mandi after harvesting. There are things to be kept in mind by farmers while selling the crop. The farmer does not have to pay any other expenses except the cost of washing and cleaning the crop in the market. Harvest the crop on time and grade the commodity to get the best price. Be sure to keep information about the prices in different mandis. Sell the crop wherever the price is more. Be present during bidding and weighing of goods. In case of any doubt, you can get up to 10% of the commodity 'tested' without paying any fee in the presence of an employee of the Punjab Mandi Board. After selling the produce, take the 'J Form' so that later you can get the benefit of giving some kind of bonus from the government. If possible, take the goods to the mandi in the morning so that you can return home on time.

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