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3 July 2024
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1,04,561 species have been covered in India. India has become the first and only country in the world to make a list of all living creatures. The Zoological Survey of India was established on 1 July 1916. 1 July 2024 is the 109th year of the establishment of the Zoological Survey of India. Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav gave this information at the Animal Taxonomy Summit 2024 held in Kolkata. Bhupendra Yadav praised India for biodiversity conservation. India has traditions and values ​​​​that promote biodiversity conservation. India has prepared a checklist of 104,561 species of animals. India is becoming the world leader in biodiversity documentation. 'Fauna of India Checklist Portal' was launched during the Animal Taxonomy Summit 2024. The portal covers all faunal species found in India. 121 checklists have been included for 36 types of phyla.

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