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26 June 2024
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Bihar has a large number of palm trees, which are capable of producing neera like Tamil Nadu. Neera is the fresh sap of the palm tree which is used to make alcohol in Bihar, but alcohol is banned in the state. The socio-economic condition of the toddy tapping community depends on toddy collection and marketing. The Bihar government has taken initiatives to promote neera based industries so that toddy tappers can get employment. Neera can be processed into squash, RTS, jaggery etc. and is a source of vitamins, minerals and healthful compounds. Collection of fresh neera is difficult as it ferments quickly. Various preservation methods have been tried to stop fermentation but no permanent solution was found. Dr. Mohammad Waseem Siddiqui developed a process to preserve neera in powder form. This process has received patent from Germany and will open new entrepreneurial avenues for Neera producers. Fresh Neera is converted into powder using spray dryer. The powder can be stored in airtight container for up to a year and after dilution in water its sensory properties are similar to fresh Neera. This technology can be modified as per the requirement of farmers.

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