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10 July 2024
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The area under main kharif crop paddy has increased by 19.35 per cent to 59.99 lakh hectares. The total area under all kharif crops has increased by 14 per cent to 378.72 lakh hectares as against 331.90 lakh hectares last year, the agriculture ministry said. Paddy sowing begins with the arrival of the southwest monsoon in June and is harvested in September. The area under paddy this year was 50.26 lakh hectares as compared to last year. The area under pulses has also increased to 36.81 lakh hectares as against 23.78 lakh hectares during the same period last year. The area under 'arhar' has increased from 4.09 lakh hectares to 20.82 lakh hectares. The area under 'urad' has increased from 3.67 lakh hectares to 5.37 lakh hectares. Among coarse cereals, area under maize has increased from 30.22 lakh hectare to 41.09 lakh hectare. Area under oilseeds has increased from 51.97 lakh hectare to 80.31 lakh hectare. Among cash crops, area under sugarcane has increased from 55.45 lakh hectare to 56.88 lakh hectare. Area under cotton has increased from 62.34 lakh hectare to 80.63 lakh hectare. Area under jute-mesta has decreased from 6.02 lakh hectare to 5.63 lakh hectare. Area under coarse cereals and 'Shri Anna' (millet) has decreased from 82.08 lakh hectare to 58.48 lakh hectare.