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4 July 2024
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Plant wilt is a new viral disease of paddy that was first observed in India in 2022. It is a viral disease that is spread by the white-backed grasshopper of paddy. This virus can attack all existing varieties of paddy Plants affected by this disease are stunted, their leaves are pointed and the roots are less deep Dr. Kamaljit Singh Suri, Principal Pest Specialist, PAU, informed that the paddy crop should be periodically inspected for proper control of the pest (white-backed grasshopper) that spreads this disease right from the sowing of paddy. Keep the bulb lit near the farm/farm at night to see the arrival of locusts If the arrival of locusts is noticed then any insecticide like 94 ml. Paxalone 10 SC or 60 g Ulala 50 WG or 80 g Ocean/Token/Dominant 20 SG or 120 g Chess 50 WG or 400 ml Orchestra 10 SC or 300 ml. Dilute Imagine 10 SC in 100 liters of water per acre and spray on the roots of plants. Use back pump and round nozzle for proper prevention.

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