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24 April 2024
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Experts from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) stressed on the use of methods to save water and in the hope of better economic returns to farmers. Selection of short to medium duration varieties like PR 126 and PR 131 and adoption of improved farming techniques are important. Expressing concern about water crisis in the state, Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice President, PAU, said that paddy cultivation in Punjab has an area of 3.0 mha with maximum productivity, and plays an important role in national food security. Paddy cultivation is the main threat to the available water resources in Punjab, a direct result of which is the rapid depletion of water levels in the under-oxygen areas of Punjab. Production of improved varieties like PR126 and PR 131 provide more benefits to the farmers by relieving them of paddy cultivation for a long time. New techniques of paddy cultivation are being introduced as well as contributing to water saving, which helps in water conservation in Punjab.

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