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24 June 2024
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Careful monitoring of early nursery sowing of paddy should be done. Disease affected rice plants should be uprooted and destroyed. They should be buried in the soil away from the fields. Farmers should promote direct sowing of paddy. Even after planting the paddy crop, weeding should be done from time to time as per the need so that the paddy crop is kept free from weeds. If there is a complaint of yellowing in only a few paddy plants, then in such a situation, the paddy plants which have turned yellow should be removed and other paddy plants should be planted in their place. Urea, DAP and Jeevamrit should be sprayed in the paddy crop from time to time as per the need. Excess chemical fertilizers should not be used, this can harm the plants. To protect nurseries from hoppers, farmers should use insecticides Dinotefuran 20 SG 80 gm or Pymetrozine 50 WG 120 gm per acre (10 gm or 15 gm per canal nursery area).

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