Supply Chain Traceability

Farmer Profile

Name: Avtar Ghoto Baloh

Location: Ballon (Village), Maur (Tehsil), Bathinda (District), Punjab

Farm Profile

Size: 1 Acre

Type of Wheat: Sonamoti

Irrigation Practices: Required 50% less water than other crops

Harvesting Period: Typically Around April

Location Map

Soil Profile

Type: Silty and sandy soil

Soil Management: Natural farming techniques

Seed Profile

Variety: Sonamoti

Source: Pingalwara Ashram in Amritsar (originally)

Germination Rate: High

Pesticide Residue Report

Pesticides Used: No

Residue Test Results: N/A

Product Nutritional Value

Protein Content: 40% more protein than other wheat varieties

Fibre Content: Rich in dietary fibres

Mineral Content: Nearly 267% more minerals than any other wheat variety

Harvesting and Storage

Method: Combine harvester

Storage: In a cool dry place

Consumer Access

Traceability: Scan the QR code to access the entire history of the wheat, from farm to retail shelf.

Pesticide Testing Report: See Pesticide Report Here!