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Agrizone GPS Land Leveler- Now you can earn more profit in less time

Feb 20, 2023
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Mera Farmhouse team always brings the latest updates about the agriculture market. Today we have brought to you a new high-tech machinery- Agrizone GPS Land Leveler. It is a land leveling machine with high precision and effectiveness that helps to increase drainage and agricultural output. Mera Farmhouse team went to Jordan Agro and talked to Mr. Parmjit Kumar to find out details about this GPS Land Leveler and how it works.

What is the process for the GPS land leveling system?

The (GPS) is a surveying tool that helps in finding the elevations of a specific spot on the earth's surface. With the help of GPS Land Leveler, you can easily measure the heights of mountains, buildings, and other structures. It is a quick and precise land leveling system that helps in saving time in farming. The best part of this system is that it has less weight in comparison to the traditional laser land leveling systems.

Why is this Agrizone Is GPS Land Leveler popular?

Earlier laser land leveling technology was widely used in agriculture but the problems such as heavy weight, limited range, and environmental adaptability hinder its operation. But with this Agrizone GPS Land Leveler, all these problems were solved. Check out its advantage.

  • Very light in weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Has a range of upto 2 km
  • Works well despite of environmental factors such as trees, high pressure winds, or even high voltage wires in its path.
  • Earlier laser land leveler requires 20 min each time you install it and 1 to 1.30 hrs was wasted if you use that 4 to 5 times in a field but with this you can save this time.
  • It takes 1000 Per hour and can earn 1000 -1500 saves per day.

  • How this Agrizone Does GPS Land Leveler work?

    Agrizone GPS Land Leveler uses a GPS box instead of a heavy laser attached to the laser land leveler and there is a controller available to control its functioning. You can place it anywhere as it has a range of up to 2 km. It is very lightweight. As in the laser land leveler, there was a receiver that you need to take proper care of while carrying and moving below the trees but in this, there is a dish available and you can easily move it. Various other equipment has been removed to make the land leveling task easy.

    How you can use this GPS Land Leveler?

    Mr. Paramjit told us that proper training is provided to guide the farmer about its use. If a person uses a laser land leveler can easily use this GPS Land Leveler. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to carry and install.

    They Provide reliable service & maintenance

    Mr. Paramjit said that they believe in making long-term relationships with a customer so they take proper care of customer needs. They value time and visit the farmer themselves in case there is some delay in the service, repair, or maintenance to save the time of farmers. They value customers a lot that they even help the farmers who have purchased products from other companies as well. They think that this goodwill will help them to build trust and long-term relationships with the customers.

    Anyone who wants the service, repair, or maintenance of Agrizone products can call on the toll-free no. 1800-137-0084. The company experts will handle their queries and provide reliable solutions.

    If you are interested to buy this Agrizone GPS land leveler then you can approach Jordan Agro and meet Mr. Paramjit Singh. They will provide you with proper consultation, and training for the usage of this and other farming instruments as well.

    Hope you have gained useful information from this article! Write us your feedback in the comments below and you can even share your suggestions about the agriculture equipment for which you require information. Our Mera Farmhouse team will bring that for you.

    And for all the latest updates of the agriculture sector stay connected to Mera Farmhouse.