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HF - Jersey - And Sahiwal Cow Dairy Farm - Where 100% pure milk is available

Feb 20, 2023
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Milk is crucial for the health of the bones. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. Nutritionists advise people to consume milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese every day to keep themselves healthy. But Dairy farming can also be a great source of income if you have the right knowledge about it. To help you out Mera Farmhouse team went to meet Mr Lakhveer Singh Riverland Dairy, Village Khusropur in Jalandhar Cantt. We have come here to help our farmer brothers who are doing the dairy farming business but want to know how they can increase milk yield. So, if you are interested to know about Dairy farming and how you can get more milk yield to make your dairy business successful then check this blog.

100% pure milk is available here

When we came to a village nearby people told us that Riverland dairy gives 100% pure milk. Even people can visit this place and get the cow milked in front of them in case they have any doubt about the quality of the milk. Mr Lakhveer Singh told us that the milk yield from a cow depends on many factors like the breed of the cow, feed given and the care. If all these factors are taken care of well then, a good quality and quantity of milk can be attained easily. They have 60 cows and many calves on this dairy farm. The feed given to cows, pregnant cows and calves is different depending on their stage and requirements.

Special attention is given to cleanliness

  • Cleanliness is the most important factor to keep the animals healthy and disease free.
  • They use napkins instead of water to clean the UDDER.
  • Wax is applied to the udders instead of the machine and then the machine is attached to milk the cow.
  • Modern techniques are used in the dairy farm.
  • After milking the pore of the udders are open and the chances of catching diseases at this time are more so wax is applied to prevent them.

  • Study and modern techniques can help to increase milk yield

    Mr Lakhveer Singh told us that he has done a diploma in animal husbandry and even his brother who is abroad provides him with the latest information. All that helps him in proper management and taking care of the animals in the right way. Generally, we see old-style dairy farms but here latest technology is used to ensure that the business is profitable. As mentioned earlier, they make use of a machine to milk the cows where the points such as temperature and vacuum are set. When the milk stops, the machine is removed from the animal udders. It saves labour and also takes care of the animal.

    Breeds that give good quality and quantity of milk

    On his farm, he has 3 breeds of cows.


    The native breed of Holland, this cow breed is known as the best breed for milk production. On average, this cow gives 5500-6500kg of milk per lactation and contains 3.5-4.0% of fat content. It can give 25 to 30 kg of milk daily. This breed is famous for good quality milk with more fat content.


    It is a Jersey Island, United Kingdom, native. It features a brown body with red patches, an angular, compact shape, and a dish-shaped forehead. Compared to other breeds, it is the smallest breed and gives less quantity of milk. Daily 20ltr of milk is given by it. It produces between 3500 and 4,000 kg of milk per lactation, with a 5% fat content.


    Montgomery (Pakistan) is where this breed originated. It is the oldest breed of cow in India. These breeds of animals have a body that is reddish-brown in colour, a medium stature, small legs, loose skin, a slightly wide head, small, heavy horns, heavy fringe below the neck, and a huge udder. The cow keeps itself clean. It is the less milk-producing breed in comparison to other breeds on the farm. It produces on average 1800 litres of milk during each lactation. The fat level of the milk is 5.0%.

    How milk quantity and quality is balanced?

    On their farm, they mix the milk of HF and Jersey to ensure good quality and quantity of milk production. It will help them to carry off their expenses and earn good profit.

    Needs special feed for more milk yield

    Normally, dairy farms don’t give this much amount of milk production. The reason for high milk production here is the good quality of feed given to the animals. • Check out the various things to take care of to provide proper feed to animals. • Having a good breed is not enough you need to provide good feed as well if you want to have good milk production. • As per Mr Lakhveer Singh, he gives 1kg of feed per 2.5 kg of milk produced. For instance, if a cow gives 20 kg of milk, then 8 kg of feed is provided for the milk yielded, 2 kg of feed is given to keep the animal healthy and even home fodder is provided to animals to ensure quality and quantity. • They use Kargil feed as they have their agency of feed. • They make silage for animals and provide it to their farm cows and even sell it to the people who require it for their animals. They provide the best quality silage that increases milk production without affecting the milk taste.

    Start this business and even the government help you

    The government provide courses related to animal husbandry. If you are interested to start this business then you can do these courses to get the right knowledge. • You should start with 10 animals. • Get the right guidance about the shed design, its cleanliness, and construction to keep animals properly. • Find out information about their diet, fodder, feed, injections and treatments well in advance before you start this business.

    How you can earn profit from this dairy farming?

    Often dairy farmers use ice to keep the milk fresh with affects the quality of the milk. Even people add 5 to 10 kg of ice to the milk to store them for a longer time and other synthetic things to increase the quantity of milk but this reduces the milk quality. The best way to earn profit from dairy is to retail. You should get the local customers directly to your farm. It will help you earn more profit. Hope you have gained useful information about dairy farming, if you have any other doubt, you can contact Mr Lakhveer Singh or you can also buy the best quality silage from him. Stay connected with Mera Farmhouse to get all the latest information about agriculture and livestock from the experts.