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Earn upto 10 Lakh by cultivating Garlic by this way

Feb 20, 2023
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Garlic, one of the most important and widely used as a flavoring agent for food dishes. Food is incomplete without it. Its demand remains throughout the year in India. From being used as a spice to medicine, it is an important part of typical Indian cuisine. But do you know that by cultivating Garlic you can earn lakhs of rupees by sitting at home. If no, then check out this post. Mera Farmhouse team will tell you about one such farming technique of Garlic. Today, we are talking to Mr. Udikwan Singh, who won the award from Haryana Government for garlic cultivation.

When is the right time to grow?

Talking to Udikwan, we came to know that the right time to grow Garlic is from 1 oct to 20-25 oct. It because after that winter season starts and it can affect it’s growth.

What is the right land type for it?

As per Udikwan, the cultivation of Garlic requires dry land. The dry soil helps in the better growth of it. While some people in houses grow garlic in wet soil or by watering the land first, but these techniques affect the growth of the garlic.

What is the right way to grow?

He said that the right way to grow garlic is-you should make the soil dry so that no moisture retains inside it. Then you can start its plantation, after that you can water it. Once the watering of garlic is done then comes the role of mulching. Garlic provide better results through this technique. Mulching of Stubble (Parali) conserve the soil moisture and provide weed control. Stubble prevents the weed to get the sunlight that prevents the growth of weed. There is very less possibility of weed, 1 in 10% if grows that can be easily removed by pulling from it.

Main points to keep in mind while cultivating garlic…

The soil should be dry.

Why you should make use of bed for growing garlic?

Udik said that making use of bed provides proper space to garlic clove and helps in proper growth of each bulb. The width of the bed is 3 feet and the frame he uses for plantation is 6 by 10 inches. He also told us that he grows red garlic as it is more in demand and use in comparison to the white garlic. While growing garlic each clove is planted upside for the proper growth.

Why you need proper holes for growing garlic, why you can’t use finger for it?

As mentioned earlier, Udikwan has a frame structure that helps in equal plantation of cloves. It provides proper space to each clove. He told us that earlier, the line technique was used but with that technique sometimes the cloves are either sown near to another that hinder the growth of the other clove nearby.

What are the benefits of using bed?

While talking to Udikwan we came to know that bed technique for growing garlic helps in water conservation. You only need to give water once to the bed, in case more water gets accumulated due to rain that water flows down to the lines. Mulched Stubble (Parali) on garlic helps a lot in water conservation as it retains water inside it.

Is there any cost of making bed for garlic plantation?

There is no such cost for making bed, it’s similar to that of plantation of garlic as it is done on field.

How much water it requires?

Udik told us that you can give first water to the garlic cloves immediate after the plantation. The second water is given after 10-12 days. Garlic gets ready in just 5-6 water if you make use of stubble.

How to place frame on the bed?

It is simple, you can simply place the frame on the bed and take it out. The holes will be made on the bed and then you can start placing cloves inside those holes. Placing of clove squiggly if one in a hundred will not affect much in the growth because the sprout will come in the upward direction only.

Do you need manure for garlic farming?

When we asked Udikwan about the use of manure for garlic farming, he told us that you can use 2 bags of DAP, 1 bag of Potash, 2 bags of Super in 1 acre of land before mulching of stubble is done. He added that you can also make use of organic manure, it is best thing for garlic growth.

Does it need any spray to protect it from pests?

Asked about the spray needed to protect garlic, he said that thrips is the major pest that can affect the yield and quality of garlic. When garlic starts growing, you can use pesticide and fungicide to protect it from such pests.

Better alternative than other crops like wheat

Udikwan is growing garlic by this technique from 4-5 years, earlier he was growing it on 2-3 Marla. This year he is planning to grow it on 1 acre of land. He said that he mostly prefers to grow red garlic that has high price. Even he added that it is best alternative in comparison to the crops like wheat or rice as it gives best price for its investment even in the case the price of garlic is less. He said every farmer should try something new as it gives you experience. Hope that you would have liked this article? If yes, then please share your feedbacks in the comments below. You can also write to us about the topics related to agriculture for which you need information.