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Right Way of Rabbit Farming- How you can generate a good amount of income?

Feb 20, 2023
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Rabbit farming is not only a profitable but enjoyable type of farming that will return high income on investment with less operational cost. One can start Rabbit farming with a small land without much investment. Are you interested to know more about rabbit farming? Mera Farmhouse Team has brought you right information to you. Recently, the Mera Farmhouse team went to Sharma Rabbit Farm and met Mr. Surinder Kumar who lives in Village Pattar Kalan Distt. Jalandhar to know about the right way of Rabbit farming and how you can generate income from it. So, let’s find out!

The dairy farming business doesn’t work so started Rabbit farming

Mr. Surinder Kumar is retired from the Indian Army by giving 22 precious years of his service. He has a great interest in farming so he started dairy farming in the year 2017 but due to some reason the business doesn’t work. Thereafter in the year 2021, almost 2 years back, he started Rabbit farming and now he is earning good profit from this business.

How much investment do you need to start Rabbit farming?

He has a tie-up with Ashiyana Rabbit Farm in Jind, Haryana. Anyone can start this business with 6 unit as 1 unit consist of 10 rabbits with 7 females and 3 males. If you start this business with 6 unit then you have to pay for the cost of bringing the rabbit to the farm but if you buy 10 unit, the company pay for all the cost incurred bringing the rabbit to your farm. Mr. Surinder started with 100 units which mean he had 70 females and 30 males. As per the company, you can get 450 rabbits in 45 days in case each female gives 8 to 10 babies. On average, if a female rabbit gives 5 baby rabbits, then you get 350 rabbits in 45 days.

Is there any subsidy provided by the government on Rabbit farming?

Subsidy depends on the area you live in, if you live in states like Bihar, UP, and Jharkhand then you can avail of the perk of the subsidy is given by the government. But in Punjab if you spend Rs 2.2 lakh per unit, you can get a subsidy of 25% and if you belong to SC/ST community, then he will get a subsidy of 33 percent.

How to take care of rabbits?
It is very easy to take care of the rabbits.
  • Note down the date of crossbreeding as rabbits give babies in 28 days after breeding them.
  • Keep them in the delivery box 5 days before their delivery.
  • During, winters cotton is placed inside their cages to keep them warm.
  • In winter, the baby rabbit requires 20+ degree Celsius temperature.
  • You can use the bulb to give heat to baby rabbits or to maintain the temperature of the cage during winter nights or chilly days.
  • Baby rabbits are kept with the mother for 1 month and thereafter they are separated.
  • Soft green fodder like green coriander or spinach is given to them during the day.
  • During the night, the mother feed is provided by placing them in the delivery box.
  • The baby rabbits are placed with the mother rabbit during the night and are taken out in the morning.

  • How to take care of rabbits during pregnancy?

    There are feed boxes available in the cage to provide feed to the rabbits. One-time feed and one-time green fodder is provided to the rabbits. Normal rabbit is given 50 gms of feed whereas during pregnancy 70 gms of feed is given to the rabbit as per the company instructions. The female rabbit's weight remains around 2kg as female rabbits aren’t allowed to gain more weight. As per the company instructions 1 cage can be used for keeping 10 rabbits means 7 females and 3 males.

    Breeds of Rabbits

    There are many breeds of rabbits used for rabbit farming but Mr. Surinder said that he has 6 breeds available on his farm that are named as follows:

  • New Zealand White (red eyes)
  • Brown (Black eyes)
  • White Joint
  • Chinchilla
  • Brown
  • Dutch

  • Which is the most beneficial rabbit breed?

    New Zealand White is the most beneficial and income-generating breed as the breed starts to gain weight fast and gets ready for crossbreeding. It is also the most baby-giving breed.

    How marketing of rabbits is done?

    >American or foreign rabbit breeds are mostly used for meat purposes not in India but in European countries. As mentioned earlier, the rabbits are sent to the company in Jind, Haryana. The main center for rabbit marketing is Kerala. Rabbits above 3 months are exported to the market and weigh more than 1.5 kg. From the main center the meat is supplied to the other foreign country.

    Do rabbits catch diseases?

    Rabbits rarely catch diseases. Like poultry farms, it doesn’t get affected easily and diseases aren’t spread. Normally, the rabbit catches a common cold and cough like humans and human medicine can be used to treat them. Cleanliness plays an important role, if cleanliness is maintained the rabbit can be prevented from catching diseases.

    How you can start rabbit farming – investment and income you can generate?

    This requires very less investment and provides more profit. You can start from 6 units or 10 units it depends on you. If you start from 100 unit- the cage, the rabbit, the feeder box, and the water pot is provided by the company. You only need to make a stand yourself either by using bricks and the team from the company arrives to set up the cage. All this can cost you 3 to 4 lakhs.

    When you can start getting income from this business?

    You need to keep rabbits for 20 days for climate adaptations and then you can start crossbreeding. All females can get crossed in 45 days which gives an average of 350 babies. In 90 days, you start to get income as you can Rs.250 per kg and 375 per rabbit.

    How much do you have to spend on rabbits?

    A rabbit eats 50 gms of feed per meal and in 90 days 4 kg feed and 9 kg green fodder is required which is quite less investment. It is a very beneficial business that can give you more benefits if you give more time to it. Mr. Surinder said that he has got 1st income of 1 Lakh and 45 thousand and keeping expenses of 30k still he gained a profit of 1lakh 15 thousand from this. He said that you need to give at least six months to this business to make it completely suitable and to start receiving income or profit from it.

    Why cages are made to keep the rabbits?

    Rabbits have placed above the land in cages that let the urine or waste pass down through the cage. It keeps the cage clean and prevents the bacteria to spread which helps in the prevention of diseases. Hope you gained useful information about rabbit farming and how you can set up a business. If you liked this information, please share your views with us in the comments below. You can also share your queries if you have related to agriculture or livestock, we will help you get reliable answers to them. Stay connected with Mera Farmhouse to get latest updates on agriculture!