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Cohesive Agricultural Ecosystem for Farmers


Satellite-based Farm Health Monitoring

Using our Geo-spatial Services, Farmers can track the health of their farms remotely and get personalized recommendations.             


Subsidy and FPO Information

Get information on the latest Subsidy Schemes available on variety of products and check your eligibility. Connect to the Nearest FPOs.


Livestock Farm Setup and Management

Using Artificial Intelligence, get personalized recommendations and farm economics trends for setting up and managing your livestock farms.


We offer comprehensive farm solutions to address the challenges faced by farmers in various aspects of farm planning, execution, and management.

For Farm Planning

Our solutions include a farm plan that incorporates the best crop choices linked with economics. This helps farmers optimize their crop selection based on profitability and market demand. We also provide instant results of soil health tests linked with farm advisory services, enabling farmers to make informed decisions regarding soil management practices.

Additionally, our live satellite mapping feature brings traceability and micro-planning to farms, allowing farmers to monitor and optimize their operations efficiently. We emphasize the importance of farm economics in increasing the credibility of farmers and providing the right models to guide their decision-making processes.

For Farm Execution

Our solutions focus on providing countrywide access to markets, enabling farmers to connect with potential buyers and expand their reach. We ensure product traceability, which enhances transparency and builds consumer trust. Our platform allows farmers to compare different products, enabling them to make wise choices based on quality and value. We also facilitate access to the best deals on used machinery and farm inputs, promoting cost-effective farming practices.

Furthermore, our farm economics module covers both livestock and crop inputs, helping farmers understand the economic aspects of their operations.

For Farm Management

We offer special advice from experts on livestock and crops. Through IoT devices installed on the farm, farmers can receive real-time advice and monitoring to optimize their farming practices. We provide weekly satellite reports generated by AI, providing farmers with detailed information for the micro-management of their farms. Our platform also keeps farmers updated on the latest subsidy schemes, ensuring they can take advantage of available financial support. Additionally, we provide farm logs for tracking daily expenses and tasks, helping farmers maintain better records and improve overall farm management.

These farm solutions empower farmers with the necessary tools, insights, and support to overcome challenges, make informed decisions, and enhance the productivity and profitability of their agricultural operations.


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